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2The best thing is that modern designer garments help you to look graceful yet chic. They help you to go along well with other modernly dressed girls even while wearing graceful dresses. Here are some of the present trends for indo western kurtis according to different statures:


If you are short in height then you can go for short kurtis that should not reach below your thighs. They will give you a perfect look. Also remember to wear a simple legging as the printed leggings will not look good on short stature. They should have simple embroidery around the neck. Avoid wearing the collared ones as they will not look great on your short stature. It is best to wear a single shade, sober kurti as that will look graceful on your appearance.


The girls with tall stature will look great in ankle length Anarkalis. The Anarkalis have a flowing structure and lots of pleats that will add a further panache to your overall appearance. Straight cuts can also look great on you. Wearing high heeled footwear will further accentuate your height. It is best to go for multicolored attire as it will perfectly enhance your overall beauty. As for embroidery, you can go for the metal colors like gold or silver. The embroidery can start from the neck and reach till midriff. If you have a tall neck you can also go for a collared version too. Avoid wearing short kurtis as it will not look great on tall stature.

Medium Height

If you are blessed with medium height then you can go for knee length kurtis. You should avoid going to the extremities like short ones or ankle length Anarkalis as they will not look very great on your stature. Go for straight cuts with minimum pleats. As for embroidery, you can go for the embroidery starting from the neckline and reaching midriff. You can also choose back and frontal embroidery for the best impact.


Tall Girls: Tall girls can go for bright colored hanging tops and multi string necklace with a good sized pendant. If you have large fingers you can also go for a ring (or two) in middle finger and index finger.

Short Girls: If you are short stature then avoiding too much of jewelry is recommended. You can better wear a thin necklace and small tops in the ear. It is best to avoid wearing rings as that might not look great in your small fingers.

Medium Statured

You can wear multicolored jewelry keeping in mind that it should be in contrast with your dress. Like red colored tops would look great on yellow attire but purple one might not look great on the same. Ear top will look great and metal colored necklaces with a small pendant will enhance the beauty of your neck. You can wear single ring in your middle finger that will give you a cool presence.