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swHow do you feel about standing out from the crowd? Does the idea excite you and make you smile, or does the very thought strike terror in your heart and make you cringe? If the latter is truer for you, then what has been your alternative to standing out? Many women describe their style as "beige," "predictable," "decent" or "downright boring." Rarely does a woman purposely choose that look. It is usually a response to her deeply rooted fear of standing out for the wrong reasons, i.e., she would rather fade into the woodwork than risk looking silly or inappropriate. And, without understanding 'how' to find a look that allows her to stand out in a positive way, she settles for a look that is okay or good enough.

The result? Each time she gets dressed, her self-esteem and confidence take a direct hit.

Some women equate standing out with looking flamboyant, outrageous or ostentatious. But that doesn't have to be true (although those looks certainly do produce a few stares!). Standing out means owning who you are and celebrating that. And if flamboyant, outrageous or ostentatious is who you are, then celebrate it, and if it isn't who you are then try a different approach!

You can stand out whether your look is subtle and elegant or dramatic and bold or something else entirely. As long as you display your personality and inner essence, then no matter how you express it, it just looks and feels right.

At that point, 'standing out' feels like a natural extension of who you are.

Recently, I met with Fiona, who was about to re-enter the dating scene and felt apprehensive. Her most pressing question was, "When should I show cleavage?" Together we did some work and determined that her personality was primarily gentle, heartfelt and radiant. I could tell just by looking at her that the idea of showing a lot of cleavage felt foreign and uncomfortable. Fiona had a predetermined belief, however, that she was supposed to expose cleavage at some point in her dating experience, so it came as a great relief to her to learn that she never had to if she didn't want to, especially if it wasn't true to her essence.

What she really wanted to explore was how to look and feel sexy in a way that was authentic for her. Now, that's a different story!

What about you? What is your look saying about you? What motivation is driving you to choose the outfits you do? Are you trying to blend in and hide (this never really works) or stand out in a way that gives you confidence and feels good?

As with Rachel, women are hesitant about standing out, but this is usually because they don't know how to do so in a positive way. If you could use a little support in this area, here's an exercise to help.

The next time you get dressed, rate the outfit you choose to wear on a scale of one to ten. A ten would mean that you are totally celebrating yourself and dressing authentically with no apologies, and a one would mean that you are hiding as much as is humanly possible. Obviously, the goal is to get to ten!

Next, analyze your look. What aspect of your style feels like you are trying really hard not to be noticed? Is it the:

  • color (too beige, black or neutral)?
  • cut of the outfit (too big, boxy or shapeless)?
  • fabric (sweatshirt, or head-to-toe polar fleece or shapeless cotton)?
  • overall style (it looks like your mother, sister or best friend so you can fit in)?
  • accessories (or lack thereof)?
  • lack of textures or patterns (all smooth solid colors)?

Once you have analyzed your current look, make a concerted effort to tweak just one component at a time. Add texture, a touch of color or some accessories. Keep trying until it feels good and fun.Remember, you aren't trying to stand out just to stand out.

This is about feeling empowered to express your inner beauty and authenticity. As with Fiona above who worried about showing cleavage on her dates, you have to determine what feels right for you in your life right now.

To give you an example, Alexandra describes herself as refreshingly graceful. She wears delicate colors and soft styles. When she wears a jacket, it is not made of bulky, heavy fabric and does not have a lot of hardware. The accessories she chooses are always expressive in a lovely, gentle way. Meanwhile, Jane is quirky and colorful. She can wear deep, bold colors and often wears two chunky necklaces at once without it seeming like too much.

The delicious part of all of this is that both Alexandra and Jane stand out in their own individual way. If Jane toned everything down and tried to be refreshingly graceful and Alexandra wore brightly colored, quirky clothes, they would each feel uncomfortable and self-conscious. They would stand out in a way that felt disingenuous.

Remember Rachel? That's exactly what she was worried about. As soon as we swapped the high-heeled boots for flat ones, she relaxed and smiled. Her legs still looked long, and the blue sweater still showed off her eyes. But she felt more grounded and at ease. Her internal peace shined through, and this is something others cannot help but notice. She now stood out in a way that reflected her inner beauty.

The same can be true for you. When you stand out for the right reasons it feels less like standing out and more like being willing to be seen authentically. As you build your personal style step by step and begin to make positive changes, you will find the styles and garments that genuinely reflect who you are. That is the sweet point where standing out as you has a whole new, delightful meaning!

Do you avidly watch shows like "What Not to Wear" and think "if only I could have a wardrobe makeover," but you can't see how the transformation would translate for you? Then I can help. Over the past 23 years as a fashion stylist in the Boston area, I have found that many women are ignoring, hiding or are just plain unaware of their innate beauty. Believe it or not, you do not have to be rich and famous or young and thin to have the look you dream of. Yes, with a little guidance you can learn how to dress with joy and ease.

While my fashion secrets have been featured in the Boston Globe, and Women's Health Magazine (to name a few), it is my clients' triumphs that really bring me the greatest joy: "Every day I get so many compliments on how I look. You gave me the tools to put it all together, and I am very grateful. This season I purchased many new clothes and before I had a closet filled with clothes of "nothing to wear" now I have a closet filled with clothes, but I can't decide what to wear because I have so many favorites." -- Celeste

weWhether it is the best friend's wedding, or the cousin's wedding or a colleague's wedding, you always want to turn up resplendent and at your best. So what should you wear? What is the current trend that's driving the market crazy? If you are a fan of the nine yards, sit pretty and prepare to get intoxicated by the sheer variety of party wear sarees that are creating a furor.

Designer Sarees the Glamor Add-ons

The designer sarees which are quickly flying off the rack are the current trend toppers. With the advent of designer sarees online, women are spoilt for choice. There are many wedding sarees which should find a place in your wardrobe. Gone are those days when all you really got to wear was some heavy sarees and found it really cumbersome to move. Take it easy, these following pointers are going to help you:

    • Whenever we think of party wear sarees we think of rich colors. But the concept of colors has changed now. Now we can think of wearing champagne or muted colors with ornately designed blouses, think colors like champagne and flirty fabrics like georgette which teases your senses in the right measure.


    • The look of a designer saree completely changes when you drape it differently. Yes, we always think of wearing a saree in the traditional way in the weddings but if you want to travel in a different boat think draping it in a way so that you can highlight your blouse.


    • Saree gowns the latest designs to figure high on the trend-o- meter and to solve the problems of those young brides who find it difficult to handle sarees and its numerous pleats. Saree gowns are a savior where you just need to slip into it. It feels like a dress and looks like a saree.


    • The net fabric is the most sought after fabric these days, breathable yet stylish it makes the latest party wear sarees look glamorous and trendy. Gota, patta and resham work on the sarees beautifies the garment considerably.


    • The ornate sarees with heavy zardozi work is still the bankable option for many brides or bridesmaids who would swear by these timeless sarees.


    • Blouses to give your saree a brand new look is the latest fashion entrant. The quirkier the better, so now in place of traditional blouses we have corsets, lace-sleeved blouses, off- shoulder, sleeveless or long-sleeved, even crop tops with collars and heavily sequined blouses are the variants of the same thing but adds a different twist to it.


    • Cocktail sarees a ready amalgamation of the old and the new is a beautiful variation of the old heavy banarasi sarees. The fabrics have a certain amount of fluidity in them like crepe georgette chiffons and so on.


    • The current crop of designers is fusing elements of the old and the new with dexterity like an old banarasi or kanjeevaram saree they are embellishing it with zardozi and sequin work, to give it a luxurious and rich feel.


    • Silhouettes are the latest buzz-word. As brides or women, in general, are very conscious of the fall of their wedding or party wear sarees. They ensure they wear sarees which are form flattering and yet preserves the rich look.


  • Lehenga Sarees are yet another variation that gives the saree a lovely twist. The lower portion of the garment takes the form of a lehenga while the top part resembles a saree.

So if you buy sarees online or salwar kameez online you are no longer the coy bride who does not bring fashion into her scheme of things. Fashion looms large in her scenario and she makes sure she incorporates all fashionable elements into her wardrobe.

ssChris Irwin felt the need of a brand new pair of shoes to attend the birthday party of his cousin next week. He visited his favourite online shop, browsed through the available categories and decided to buy a trendy pair. The product looked costly at first glance but then, the occasion demanded something like that and thus, he did not mind spending few extra pounds. The order reached the same day and Chris felt happy with the prompt delivery. His happiness though was short-lived -- he unwrapped the packet and did not feel happy for what he saw and got.

The shoe was not branded yet Chris never expected to get such bad quality. The leather looked cheap, the design lacked fine-tuning and even the holes for laces were patchy or out or shape. This irked him big time and he immediately went for a refund, which materialized the next day. This kind of situation is not new with online shopping as a growing number of buyers report similar instances. There is nothing new in being delivered with either a cheap-looking version of the ordered product or being delivered with bad product. Such instances not only annoy buyers, but waste a lot of time in the process.

There are many buyers who complain about being delivered with either wrong colour, size, shape, design, or being delivered with anything but what was ordered. This is where the need was felt of designing own shoes and in this way, buyers would not have to deal with delivery of substandard or bad products. The biggest benefit of designing an own product is to get exactly what one needs or craves for. This is the reason why buyers today prefer to visit only those sites offering the freedom of customizing their own shoes. Such online shops help buyers get a 3D view while designing shoes.

More so, online shops today let buyers get a 360 degree view of shoes together with having the facility to design and customize every part of the product. Each and every layer of the shoe can be designed or customized with ease, or every corner can be reached at for personalization purposes. Buyers can select from a wide range of fabrics and leathers to enhance the look and feel of their shoe. One can change the toe or heel of the shoe, and it's easy to decorate the product and make it more charming. More so, one can make as many changes as possible to get the desired kind of shoe.

In a nutshell, buyers can feel proud in having shoes design software as such products help them realize the target of designing own products. Without these software or tools, buyers would never be able to find the kind of shoes they look for. In a way, the advancement of technology must be thanked for bringing designing freedom to the fore and revolutionizing the concept of online shopping. After all, it's now possible to visit an online shop, design own shoe and then order it.

vcAre you one of those fashion chics who have been lusting over those glorious leather bags? If yes, perhaps visiting online is the best thing you can do to get that perfect thing to carry on this season.

But, buying a real leather handbag online can be little scary sometimes. After all, it is about spending a handful of bucks, right? And, what If you buy a bag online and come to discover that it is nothing, but a replica of the designer bag you were looking for?

Well, it will be heartbreaking!

So, how to reach a perfect handbag that can satisfy your fashion needs without spending too much on the handbag?

Check out these superb hacks to shop for some of the most glorious leather bags online.

1. Look for the Size and Weight of the Bag

Worry not, as every shopping website mentions the specifications of the product these days. So, look out of the weight and size of the handbag, so that you can comfortably carry it later on. Also, it would be better to buy a big bag, if you keep a lot of stuff in your bag. But do not buy one that can strain your shoulder.

2. Know What's Trending

If you wish to save the time for buying your dream bag, make sure you have researched the market well. Search your favorite bag on different websites and compare the prices to save some money.

On the other hand, if you do not know what's trending in the market, you might end up buying an out of fashion bag for yourself.

So, delve into the market for finding out what is going on the fashion world.

3. Care and Maintenance

One of the most important things that most of the buyers forget to check is the ways to take care of the bag. Of course, the bag will need maintenance to last for years. And, if you are paying a handful of bucks for it, why not check every detail, as you buy it.

4. Color Says it All!

If you are finding a leather designer handbags online, the best way to know if it is genuine or not is to know if the company really manufactures that color or not. You can easily discover that by searching the website of the brand company. Go ahead and buy, if you find the same on their website.

5. Buy Only From Trusted Websites

When shopping online, the safest way to buy the best bags is to get it from trusted and popular websites. Not just these websites offer products at discounted rates, but also delivers genuine and high-quality stuff all the times.

We hope that these superb hacks will come in handy, when you look forward to buy some exceptional designer handbags online.

So, go ahead, keep in mind these hacks, and purchase the best bags online instantly.